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    Planning your next event?

    Digital or Analog Systems available
    Digital Programmable Lighting Systems
    Competative Rates
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    Let's make your event a success!

    Exciting Stage Designs
    Professional Gear
    Knowledgable Crew
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    Enhance Your Show

    Dynamic Scenes
    Attention to Detail
    Full Color Spectrum
    Various Stage Effects
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    Quality & Experience

    Technical Staff
    Attention to Detail
    Customer Satisfaction
    References Available
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    Events We Cover

    Corporate Events
    Night Clubs
    Social Events
    Bar/Small Venue
    School Events

About Us

Mission Statement

Breezy Point Sound & Light Co. is committed to providing professional services at a fair price. We believe that working together with our clients in a professional manner helps us achieve this goal. Our affordable services, combined with professional results is our way of doing business. We strive to obtain the best possible results in everything we do. Our #1 goal is making sure our clients are happy with the services we have provided for them.